Case Study #3 Holistic Skin Care Business

Skin care business with a very small monthly SEO budget (less than $500/month) and a very large website. Through monthly strategy calls and keyword opportunities, I was able to meet this client where they were. With a small budget, we were able to improve site health as well as increase website traffic and backlinks in three short months.

Case Study #2 Brick & Mortar Fitness & Nutrition Business

Small brick and mortar fitness business with an 8 year old wordpress  website. Had never invested in SEO and had no content posted on website. Had a large site with a lot of technical issues. Moderate SEO budget (~$1,000/month) and invested in standard package with technical SEO.

Case Study #1 Online Fitness Business

Small online fitness business with a 6 year old squarespace website. Had never invested in SEO, but had about 30 pieces of content posted on site. Had a moderate SEO budget (~$1,500/month) and invested in full-service package with technical SEO, content optimization, strategy, and backlink building.

Types of SEO Services

SEO can seem like this elusive and secretive beast; but let’s review what really goes on behind the curtain. Learn the types of SEO.

Building Your SEO Content Strategy

woman using a computer

By identifying your client journey and understanding what a person will read at each stage, you can nurture people through your website.

How to Get Clients Online

You have a fancy website; but how do you use it to bring in clients? Read these tips to help you get started with finding more clients online.