Building Your SEO Content Strategy

February 1, 2022
By identifying your client journey and understanding what a person will read at each stage, you can nurture people through your website.

What is an SEO Content Strategy

When a client first finds you, how do they do it?

Did they see an ad that asked them to purchase your highest ticket item and they jumped at the chance to pay a stranger for their service? Of course not.

Somehow, you nurtured that person. Built trust in your brand. That’s exactly what a solid content strategy can do and how it can help you get clients online. By identifying your client journey and understanding what pieces of content a person will read at each stage, you can guide people through your services and help them understand how you can help them find success.


How to Create a Winning SEO Content Strategy

Use these steps to help you build out a solid plan for posting content on your site. Be sure to stay consistent with the schedule you choose and don’t forget to go back and check on old articles or pages regularly.


Identify and Categorize Your Current Content

What do you have out there and how can you convert this into traffic?

The first step in creating your content strategy is to understand that repurposing your content is key.

If you’ve already got a blog, consider having a blog audit done, or grab the content strategy guide to learn how to do a simplified version of one yourself. Identifying what types of pieces you already have out there can help save you previous time when trying to create a content calendar or blog strategy.


Optimize Old Content

Google doesn’t reward stale content.

Go back and check out old blog posts and see if you can update statistics or shine new light on a topic.

Once you do that, do a quick search for the keyword you’re targeting in that blog. See who is ranking and what their content looks like. Your plan is to try and add something new to your piece. Put your unique voice on a topic and make sure you have the best piece out there. Solid content gets solid placements in search engines. Quality content is the best thing you can include on your website because each time you post a piece, it continues to bring in traffic as long as it’s ranking well and you go back and add updates every once in a while.


Plan for New Content

Once you identify gaps in your content for your client journey, start to fill in those gaps.

Plan on creating new content (this can be recycled from social media or newsletter topics!) and identifying a target keyword for each piece. You’ll want to use a keyword tool to find out what people are searching for and use those exact terms in your blog in strategic places to enable your article to rank near the top of Google.


Don’t Forget to Interlink!

Search engines love to see interlinking on your site. Including links to other pages shows the structure of your site, and you’ll specifically want to try and link to a couple other parts of your site that move people farther down the client journey funnel. Nurture your readers through your content! Help them understand what you offer and why it’s valuable before they ever get a request from you to purchase something.


Get the SEO Content Strategy Guide

Looking to build your SEO content strategy? Download the free SEO Content Strategy Guide so you can get started on yours today.