How to Get Clients Online

January 30, 2022
You have a fancy website; but how do you use it to bring in clients? Read these tips to help you get started with finding more clients online.

Understanding Your Online Business Model

In order to get more clients online, you need a business model and a marketing plan. While we won’t dive into those things completely in this article, a portion of your marketing plan should be understanding your client and their journey when it comes to finding your services or products online.

Identifying Your Ideal Client

Understanding your ideal client is key to selling your services.

Before you can sell a service, you need to identify who you want to sell your service TO.

Who is your ideal client? What are their pain points? What problem are they looking to solve? What are their motivations for buying something and what are the potential barriers and challenges they face when trying to find solutions to their problems?

These questions are key to understanding how to create an SEO strategy.

Knowing Your Client Journey

Your customers will be looking for different information at different times throughout the “journey” to working with you. Understanding what your clients go through and how to nurture them through that journey is important.

When a person first finds you, what do they look for? Perhaps you’re a nutritionist and you serve clients online nationally. When a client first finds you, they may find you through organic search by looking for information on dieting or nutrition. Perhaps they look up “how to eat healthier” or “easy healthy recipes” and they find your blog (optimized of course) at the top. They click this and read along and somewhere in the article is a link to 5 steps to healthier eating. Now they are reading all about changing habits to eat healthier. In this blog, there’s a link to how working with a nutritionist can keep you on track and sticking to your new habits. It’s here they start to read more about working with a nutritionist and this is where the call to action to read more about your services or book a call can happen.

You’ve just taken a customer down the funnel through their reading to help them book a call with you,

This nurturing sequence happens all the time through newsletters, social media, and more. But it can also happen with a solid SEO content strategy.

How to Get Clients Online: Use Content

Creating your client journey and understanding all parts of this funnel (awareness, familiarity, consideration, decision) is they first step in your SEO content strategy. Beyond the technical SEO and the backlink building, this content creation plan can help you ensure you’re touching clients at all stages of their buying journey.


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