Case Study #2 Brick & Mortar Fitness & Nutrition Business

Background information:

Small brick and mortar fitness business with an 8 year old wordpress website. Had never invested in SEO and had no blog content had been posted on website. Had a large site with a lot of technical issues. Moderate SEO budget (~$1,000/month to start, moved to $1,500/month after 6 months).

Business Goals:

Grow brick and mortar studio participation in Group Fitness classes and Personal Training. Begin to build out national Nutrition program. After 18 months, expanded brand and built a corporate wellness strategy.

Initial SEO Strategy:

Technical SEO audit, competitive analysis, and on-page optimization and technical fixes for entire website.

This conversation eventually lead to a complete rebrand and redesign on the site. Client went through a redesign and new site launch with SEO support and guidance.

After launch, SEO efforts included a monthly strategy including posting three to eight new pieces of content per month based on keyword research and client sales journey. Local SEO improvements (reviews, citation management) and backlink monitoring.

GA4 Migration and conversion tracking enabled during this time.

6 Month and One Year Results

One year project results:

one year seo progress chart from ahrefs

Added 1,643 keywords (125 keywords on page 1)

Increased domain rating by 7 points

+77% in overall website traffic, +202% in organic traffic (google analytics)

Impressions increased by +405%

Clicks increased by +310%

google search console impressions and clicks trend

New SEO Strategy (18 Months After Contract Start)

After a very successful SEO campaign, the client is now into their second year of work. At this point, we decided to expand the national nutrition strategy and the client was able to launch a corporate wellness brand to expand their reach and business.


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